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Study Name Question User # Votes Date Created Analyze Survey Status
walking study Which street would you want to walk on kdodaro 226 05/18/2013 Public No Open
Ruas de Heliópolis 2 Qual rua é melhor para caminhar? marcelo rebelo 762 05/18/2013 Private No Open
Elderly in France Which place looks safer for older people ? Imagine you have to advise your grandmother about where to live. mariev 170 05/18/2013 Public No Open
Bicycle in Santiago Which street do you prefer to ride a bicycle on? max 73 05/18/2013 Public No Open
Walk Brisbane Which street looks safer for walking? loneysan 112 05/18/2013 Public No Closed
Walkability Study - São Paulo Through which sidewalk would you rather WALK? annagabicallejas 742 05/18/2013 Public No Open
Pleasant Streets On which street would you prefer to take a walk? rusalka 759 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Public Involvement Which place is more attractive for engagement? maggiedong 87 05/19/2013 Public No Open
What image is safer? Which place looks safer for a bike zolympian 220 05/19/2013 Public No Open
street u prefer Which place looks preferable aashish.brahmin 3 05/19/2013 Public No Closed
Streets for bikes Que calles son mejores para transitar en bicicleta smartcitytepic 418 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Crime occurance Which place looks less likely for crime to occur (safer)? chua.26@osu.edu 253 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Parking problems in Palma Which place looks more difficult to park aqmdla2002 61 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Safer Streets Which street looks more safer for pedestrians? ayata94 282 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Singapore Liveability Study Which place looks more liveable? danleongjy 206 05/19/2013 Public No Open
sport activity and enviornment Which place is more comfortable ? ftl 0 05/19/2013 Public No Closed
Improving the neighborhood With which street do you identify most? aalves7 253 05/19/2013 Private No Open
sport activity and enviornment Which place looks comfortable ? ftl 92 05/19/2013 Public No Open
CityRelax Which place looks more comfortable to stop by and chat with a friend? eleonora 690 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Walking alone in Dortmund, Germany Which street would you prefer to walk alone? annalena 111 05/19/2013 Public No Open
oysster Which place looks gytisbl 0 05/19/2013 Private No Closed
Traffic Congestion Which roadway will have more traffic during the morning and evening rush hours? kddarby25 74 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Carless travel Which place looks safer to navigate without a car schyther 147 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Which place looks more private? Which place looks more private? yimeng jin 136 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Dangrerous landslide areas in Petropolis, Brazil Which place looks inclined to landslide activity? ievgenia 37 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Which street is more greener and plaseant to ride a bike? Which place looks more pleasant to ride and safe to ride your bike? sandratorres 68 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Green zones in the city Which street is more greener and eco friendlier? some 163 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Security In which place do you feel secure? amarna 25 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Commuting in Cincincinati, Ohio Which place would you prefer to use public transit? bere.1 309 05/19/2013 Public No Open
Driving in Hyderabad India Which Out of the two places would you prefer Driving(any vehicle)? vivek.prasadh 0 05/19/2013 Public No Closed