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Nice place to live Which place looks nicer? chondros konstantinos 415 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Pedestrian walkway Which Pedestrian walkway you would like to take with your child? shilpiprasad 1250 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Tech Corridor Which place looks more ready to support business? realtortoby 93 05/15/2013 Public No Open
pleasant urban spaces Which space is better for new alternative outdoor activities? agata 948 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Where would you like to live in? Which place looks better for you to live in? vrf 71 05/15/2013 Private No Open
Fort Pierce Survey of Homes Which place looks better to sleep in? jasonwampler 97 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Cleaner City - Bielsko-Biala Which area looks cleaner and more eco-friendly? a.scieszka 419 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Clean city-Green city Which place looks more cleaner and greener? abhish1kalra 250 05/15/2013 Private No Open
Pedestrians streets in Barcelona @Born Which place looks nicer and safer to walk? chcacón 192 05/15/2013 Public No Open
A Place to Meet Which place looks as a better place to meet a friend? darianan 139 05/15/2013 Public No Open
South parking Where would you prefer to park? ajimenez 64 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Tourist stroll through town As a tourist, which place would you prefer to explore? edwardwedler 2986 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Chicago - young pedestrians Which place looks safer for caregivers who are walking with small children? nicolesteeves 428 05/15/2013 Public No Closed
Urban trees Quelle photo préférez vous? crib 604 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Possible bus stops Which area would you go for a bus stop? kingblazer051 760 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Short North vs. Arena District Which place do you prefer? emknox 311 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Garden in a city Which place is more appealing? ginnyholbert 96 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Is Madrid a clean city? Which place looks cleaner? antonivs 162 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Child safety in the city Which place looks safe for children to play? nkateko 109 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Driving conditions Which place looks like it needs repairs or improvements? nkateko 82 05/16/2013 Public No Open
breda-eindhoven Which place looks nicer to live in? mavipare 184 05/16/2013 Private No Closed
Public space in Krakow_Poland Which place looks more attractive to spend some time at? klaudia 310 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Springfield, Illinois Bike Streets Which street looks more bike friendly? galashine 242 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
Do you see the problem? Which street looks better for a person with reduced mobility? martinez 87 05/16/2013 Public No Open
open street cafe Which place you prefer for open street cafe? aioncrazy 105 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Bicycling Friendly Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? brijrajg 122 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Which place looks better for social interaction Which place looks more social ryand 128 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Testing Do Not Vote Test: do not vote jasonlttl 17 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
Drivers Traffic Preferences What type of traffic do you preffer? diegovarangot 72 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Hiroshima City Which place looks attractive for tourist? s. katamura 20 05/16/2013 Public No Closed