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Study Name Question User # Votes Date Created Analyze Survey Status
Healthy Promotion Which place looks healthier? porter.587@osu.edu 332 05/14/2013 Private No Open
Choose a picture What picture do you like best? tina 2 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Appleton, WI Walkability Preference Survey Which place looks more walkable? schmib33 50 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Appleton, WI - Walkability Preference Survey Which street scene would you prefer for walking? schmib33 112 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Worthington Area pictures What picture do you like better? tina 278 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Liveable Streets Which street is more liveable ossmo 121 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Parts of Toronto, Ontario where you would want your kids to grow up in Which streets look safer for your kids to grow up in? cadefoster 317 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Walkability of Western New York Which place looks most walkable? mreimond 93 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Bike and pedestrian friendly streets Which street looks more bike and pedestrians friendly? klgg 284 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Which street is in a wealthy neighborhood? Which place belongs in a wealthy neighborhood? bgoodson 145 05/14/2013 Private No Open
AlpharettaStreets Which image looks more liveable? steventennis 1331 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Pick your public space! Which place looks more attractive to spend some time at? vivian 496 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Going back home from downtown. Zaragoza Which streets do you prefer to go home in Zaragoza? asaravia 181 05/14/2013 Public No Open
test which on is easier to walk through mariev 38 05/14/2013 Private No Closed
Nice places to hangout in Which place looks nicer to hangout in seese.25 983 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Estacionamento em Belo Horizonte Onde vocĂȘ se sentira mais seguro(a) em estacionar seu carro? / Which place would you feel safer to park? fabricio 168 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Comparing neighbourhoods in Ottawa Which place looks more pleasant? mariagabrielasanches 478 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Cycling in Brisbane, Austrlaia Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? jacobcurtis 22 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Cycling in Brisbane CBD Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? jacobcurtis 316 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Coursera requirement Which place looks more sustainible spen jankowski 96 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Ann Arbor vs. Columbus Which place looks more appealing? vdarah 636 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Which place look relaxing Which place do you feel relaxing yairo 125 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Driving in Peak Office hours Driving in Peak Office Hours- Highway or Street Road? shilpiprasad 48 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Neighbourhood Density Which place looks more livable willwa2011 248 05/15/2013 Public No Open
San Francisco Bay waterfronts Which waterfront do you like best? brownmeeker 517 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Cycling in Vecchiano, Italy Which one is more friendly to cyclists? piccinonno 377 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Cleveland Street Seen Which place looks safer for bikes and/or pedestrians? nicolekusold 108 05/15/2013 Public No Open
StreatSean Technicity Assignment for Billy Sehume Which place looks safer to ride a bike or jog in billy.sehume@sizwegroup.co.za 128 05/15/2013 Public No Open
autocityrail where would you put automated rails for cars? meletti 93 05/15/2013 Public No Open
Where to Bicycling? Which place looks better? Aveiro or Costa Nova? costa 18 05/15/2013 Public No Closed