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Which image looks safer? Which image looks safer for pedestrians and cyclists? sarah17noel 13 05/13/2013 Public No Closed
Which image looks safer? Which image looks safer for pedestrians and cyclists? sarah17noel 730 05/13/2013 Public No Open
What type of commercial building do you like What building type looks better envisionjefferson2035 104 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Social Networks' Architecture and Urban Shape Which place looks more friendly for a close friend of yours? tsaparas 116 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Crosswalks in Columbus Which intersection would you rather cross? jpmiller2235 336 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Kid Friendly Neighborhoods Which place looks more kid friendly? corbin.117 163 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Best Sport Leisure Area. Which one do you prefer? rzurita 180 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Hertford Which street looks best for bicycles? rbstn 112 05/13/2013 Public No Open
What neighborhood looks better Which neighborhood looks better? envisionjefferson2035 4 05/13/2013 Public No Closed
uphill vs downhill Which road is looking most downhill, or least uphill? jmn 74 05/13/2013 Public No Open
What street is better to live on Which street is better to live on envisionjefferson2035 344 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Safety in Louisville, KY? Which place looks safer? ecec123 150 05/13/2013 Public No Open
safety around town Which place looks safer ? lkrishnan 449 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Choosing a New Place to Live Which area would you rather call home? elmer.25 981 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Walking environment preferences Which street is more inviting for pedestrians? jominglau 245 05/13/2013 Public No Open
Que calles de Tepic prefieres para instalar ciclovias Cuál calle prefieres para poner una ciclovía smartcitytepic 27 05/13/2013 Public No Closed
Where would you prefer to drive? Which place would you prefer to drive? shannon 117 05/14/2013 Public No Open
A tree grows in Oakland Which place looks more inviting for pedestrians? brownmeeker 731 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Which image is safer? Which place looks like there are less car accidents? shannon 53 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Technology impacting traffic In which place would technology impact traffic more? shannon 403 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Load Situation Which place does you think will be more likely occur traffic jam? alecyoung 204 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Busstation questions Whish busstation do you like the most? wierckx 248 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Walking Preference Comparison in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas Which street would you rather take a walk on? dharris4a 623 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Groningen Pedestrians Which place looks nicer to walk on? wvdk 76 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Accessible Space Which place looks more friendly for pushing a baby stroller? johnson2448 917 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Test Which place looks funnier? jecowley 16 05/14/2013 Public No Open
More inter-modal knowledge for the citizen. What image best represents this idea? chacon 37 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Conway neighborhood comparison Which place looks most friendly to walk or bike? aemrick 113 05/14/2013 Public No Open
Cyclicking Which place looks more suitable for a high speed bike race such as a criterium race. jderenne 22 05/14/2013 Private No Closed
Safety-CrossWalk Which place looks safer for crossing the street? calyredondo 169 05/14/2013 Public No Open