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Study Name Question User # Votes Date Created Analyze Survey Status
Putnam County Where would you rather walk? pmchouser 51 06/09/2015 Public Yes Open
Attractive and safe outdoor urban space Which place would you prefer to walk or bike to shops and restaurants? sarahalix 119 10/17/2015 Public Yes Open
Favorite streets for walking in the neighborhood of Graças in Recife, Brazil. Which street would you rather walk along? | Em qual rua você prefere andar? sabrina machry 1582 10/17/2015 Public Yes Open
jghfjhf Which place looks hajrasouliha 1 11/12/2015 Private Yes Closed
Walk Friendly Which place would you rather walk through? tedeytan 21 11/26/2015 Public No Open
places we feel welcome which place do you feel are more friendly urbangiraffe 16 12/17/2015 Private No Open
Downtown Pedestrian Safety Which place looks safer for pedestrians? ccrpc 17 02/12/2016 Private Yes Closed
signs What type of signs do you like linamlesmes 10 03/18/2016 Public Yes Open
Public Spaces Which place would you rather spend your free time? jmacneil719 15 04/26/2016 Public Yes Open
Allegan Visual Preference Survey Which place looks most appealing for walking? powellda 31 05/02/2016 Private Yes Closed
Allegan Walkability Survey Which place looks most appealing to walk in? powellda 98 05/09/2016 Public Yes Open
Neighborhood Planning Which neighborhood street would you prefer? bschmidt_neenah 93 05/11/2016 Private Yes Open
Knox-Test Which place looks safest for walking? lalbertson 5 08/30/2016 Private No Open
Tyler Visual Preference Study Which place looks better? kingmak 7 09/15/2016 Private No Open
MEIK Qué prefieres para tu barrio? felipelazomella 0 10/07/2016 Public Yes Closed
x Which place looks felipelazomella 16 10/07/2016 Public Yes Open
Mobile Which place looks safer? yili0910 1 11/08/2016 Private Yes Open