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Columbus Neighborhoods Which place would you rather live? jcowley 30 06/01/2014 Public Yes Open
Test Where would you prefer to walk? transitgal 5 06/09/2014 Private Yes Open
Redwood City Hillsides Which development looks better? mneder 45 06/20/2014 Private Yes Open
Bob's Test Where would you most like to shop? barber 11 06/20/2014 Private Yes Open
ENV Which place looks timour.timberlake 4 07/20/2014 Private No Closed
Scenic Viewshed Preferences Which view do you like better stcplanning 45 08/19/2014 Private Yes Open
Hang out Which area is more inviting to hang out in? pjminni 103 08/23/2014 Private Yes Closed
Most desirable pathway Which pathway would you rather travel down? pjminni 263 08/24/2014 Private Yes Open
Keuka Lake Area Scenic Views and Development Which of these views or styles of development would you most prefer in this area? stcplanning 83 08/28/2014 Private Yes Open
Starkville Pedestrian study Which place looks more pedestrian friendly? taze.fulford 20 09/27/2014 Private Yes Open
Ride the city/ Cu bicicleta-n oras Care din urmatoarele zone sunt bune pentru deplasarea cu bicicleta?/ Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? cristian 1383 09/30/2014 Public Yes Open
Business Places Which place would you prefer to do business at? louconklin 52 10/01/2014 Private No Closed
Business Appeal Which place looks more inviting? louconklin 150 10/02/2014 Public No Closed
Commercial Sites Which place looks more appealing? louconklin 19 10/02/2014 Public No Closed
Hotels Which place would you like to stay at? louconklin 46 10/06/2014 Public No Closed
Shopping Which place would you shop at? louconklin 15 10/07/2014 Public Yes Closed
Commercial Appeal Which place looks inviting? louconklin 48 10/07/2014 Public Yes Open
beautiful Which place looks more beautiful? jcowley 20 10/10/2014 Public Yes Closed
Places for Children Which place looks kid friendly? louconklin 25 10/14/2014 Private Yes Open
asda Which place looks better yskim 12 10/16/2014 Public No Open
Town of Yarmouth Signs Which sign looks planningyarmouth 27 11/10/2014 Public Yes Open
Lake Oswego Commercial Centers Which place would you prefer to shop? bhutanipuja 30 11/20/2014 Public Yes Open
Velosicherheit in Zürich Welche der zwei abgebildeten Strassenabschnitte würden Sie als VelofahrerIn bevorzugen? gotom22 16 12/01/2014 Private Yes Open
Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? jcowley 47 01/23/2015 Private No Open
Bluebird Beat Which place looks more appealing? kuechenmeister 29 01/30/2015 Public No Open
Lieux pas rassurants Gaillac Quel endroit du quartier je préfère éviter ? marc pons 26 02/07/2015 Public Yes Open
places do not work Which place do you want to bulldoze? yskim 22 03/11/2015 Public No Open
take care of roads Which place looks least well kept ajspig 21 03/25/2015 Public No Open
IrondaleTestStudy Which do you find more appealing? hgarrison 48 04/03/2015 Public No Open
Residential Study Which place would you prefer to live? rgoodspeed 18 04/17/2015 Private Yes Open