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Playground Access Which place looks more accessible via walking or biking? jninfraspire 0 05/20/2013 Private No Closed
Velosicherheit in Zürich Welche der zwei abgebildeten Strassenabschnitte würden Sie als VelofahrerIn bevorzugen? gotom22 16 12/01/2014 Private Yes Open
Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? jcowley 47 01/23/2015 Private No Open
Residential Study Which place would you prefer to live? rgoodspeed 18 04/17/2015 Private Yes Open
jghfjhf Which place looks hajrasouliha 1 11/12/2015 Private Yes Closed
São Paulo Landscape Qual paisagem urbana mais te agrada em SP? fsvieira 40 05/22/2013 Private No Open
places we feel welcome which place do you feel are more friendly urbangiraffe 16 12/17/2015 Private No Open
Downtown Pedestrian Safety Which place looks safer for pedestrians? ccrpc 17 02/12/2016 Private Yes Closed
Allegan Visual Preference Survey Which place looks most appealing for walking? powellda 31 05/02/2016 Private Yes Closed
Neighborhood Planning Which neighborhood street would you prefer? bschmidt_neenah 93 05/11/2016 Private Yes Open
Knox-Test Which place looks safest for walking? lalbertson 5 08/30/2016 Private No Open
Tyler Visual Preference Study Which place looks better? kingmak 7 09/15/2016 Private No Open
Walkability Which place looks like a street you'd like to walk along? lisskawr 0 06/16/2013 Private No Closed
Walking Preferences Which street looks like a better place to walk? lisskawr 164 06/16/2013 Private No Open
Mobile Which place looks safer? yili0910 1 11/08/2016 Private Yes Open
test college park liuchaobnu 59 09/02/2013 Private No Open
Which street would you prefer to ride a bike? Which street would you prefer to ride a bike? castillo 62 05/17/2013 Private No Open
Parking What is the best street to find parking? yuri 128 05/13/2013 Private No Open
Parking Which is the best street to find parking? yuri 110 05/13/2013 Private No Open
Stafford Which place is where you want to live? emm07011 44 09/19/2013 Private No Closed
Where would you ideally want to live? Which place looks looks like the ideal place you want to live? emm07011 57 09/19/2013 Private No Open
LIVING Which place looks like your ideal street to live? emm07011 41 09/21/2013 Private No Closed
boulder Which place looks emm07011 70 09/21/2013 Private No Closed
bulington, vt Which place looks emm07011 152 09/21/2013 Private No Closed
asfales podilato Poios apo tous 2 dromous fainetai asfalesteros kai pio filikos gia ton podilati? konstantopoulos 147 05/18/2013 Private No Open
Bicycle Safety Which street do you find safer to ride a bicycle? imokayatpingpong 139 05/20/2013 Private No Open
first date Which street would you prefer to walk with your girfriend on after your first Dinner/date? stefano 482 05/20/2013 Private No Open
Cyclicking Which place looks more suitable for a high speed bike race such as a criterium race. jderenne 22 05/14/2013 Private No Closed
Road Safety in the South-East Asia Which road looks safer in general? vivothegreat 130 05/18/2013 Private No Open
Healthy Promotion Which place looks healthier? porter.587@osu.edu 332 05/14/2013 Private No Open