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Traffic Which place looks more difficult to navigate during rush hour? whatley 588 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Attractive Streetscape for Exhibitions/ Galleries Which street looks more attractive for cultural activities? wl lee 50 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Playground Access Which place looks more accessible via walking or biking? jninfraspire 0 05/20/2013 Private No Closed
Traditional vs. Suburban Residential Neighbourhood Preference Of the two areas shown, which would you prefer to in? tyson.boylan 87 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Colorado Springs Street Seen Which place looks easier to access? vince 71 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Which place looks safer in Tucson? v2 Which place looks safer? lethen 46 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Central Park Where do people like most in the Central Park? jingya 67 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Safety for All As an elder person what areas would one feel more safer walking through? tanisha caple 258 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Columbus CrossWalks Which Crosswalk looks safer? hardcore23 70 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Bicycling in Columbus Ohio Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? jcowley 121 05/07/2013 Public No Closed
Heading to The Beach! Which place would you rather visit for a day at the beach? think regina beach 538 05/20/2013 Public No Open
night owl public transport in Austin Which place looks safer? rebecca 0 05/21/2013 Public No Closed
Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? Which place looks safer to ride a bicycle on? jcowley 47 01/23/2015 Private No Open
Bicycling Preferences in Columbus, Ohio Which street would you prefer to ride a bicycle on? jcowley 19322 05/08/2013 Public No Closed
Bicycling in Culiacan, Mexico which street would you prefer to ride a bicycling on? ruben 155 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Bluebird Beat Which place looks more appealing? kuechenmeister 29 01/30/2015 Public No Open
Shopping in the city Which place looks more comfortable for shopping? joanmanuel bcn 174 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Which street of my city (terrassa, spain) seems to be safest for bicyclists? Which street seems to be safest? aragon├ęs ortiz 72 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Ice Cream store Which place would you look for an ice cream store abad 1433 05/16/2013 Public No Open
Exploring Architecture Which place do you like architecturally? eangel 90 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Bike street Which street looks more bike friendly? jesley 152 05/21/2013 Public No Open
places do not work Which place do you want to bulldoze? yskim 22 03/11/2015 Public No Open
Good Neighborhood? On which street would you most want to live? themadelf 1912 05/17/2013 Public No Open
Implementing a mesh network - comparing two cities Which place looks more adequate for implementing a smart city mesh network pop 4 05/20/2013 Public No Open
Happy Streets Which image is safe or dangerous cnyenhuis 138 05/21/2013 Public No Open
take care of roads Which place looks least well kept ajspig 21 03/25/2015 Public No Open
Which place is best for placing environmental monitors? Which place is best for placing environmental monitors? skyking 117 05/21/2013 Public No Open
Walking in Milan, Italy In which street would you prefer to go for a walk? abelsl 396 05/10/2013 Public No Open
The better Bus Stop place Which place looks better to put a bus stop? fluhk 31 05/20/2013 Public No Open
IrondaleTestStudy Which do you find more appealing? hgarrison 48 04/03/2015 Public No Open