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Playground Access Which place looks more accessible via walking or biking? jninfraspire 0 05/20/2013 Private No Closed
night owl public transport in Austin Which place looks safer? rebecca 0 05/21/2013 Public No Closed
The Nicest Street in Tampere Downtown Area Which one looks nice? fermi p. 0 05/11/2013 Public No Closed
Walkability Which place looks like a street you'd like to walk along? lisskawr 0 06/16/2013 Private No Closed
MEIK Qué prefieres para tu barrio? felipelazomella 0 10/07/2016 Public Yes Closed
Places people our willing to drive to bypass traffic Which place would you drive through to avoid traffic? nsusha 0 05/20/2013 Public No Closed
Llubí If you live in Llubí, where you want to study? norka 0 05/20/2013 Public No Closed
Public Space Which are the public space is suitable people interaction ? nuratiqah 0 11/19/2013 Public No Closed
sport activity and enviornment Which place is more comfortable ? ftl 0 05/19/2013 Public No Closed
oysster Which place looks gytisbl 0 05/19/2013 Private No Closed
Driving in Hyderabad India Which Out of the two places would you prefer Driving(any vehicle)? vivek.prasadh 0 05/19/2013 Public No Closed
Good look Which place is a better look? damonusa 0 01/29/2014 Public Yes Closed
Bicycling in Prague, Czech Republic Which street would you prefer to walk along? mikaba 0 04/09/2014 Public No Closed
Where do you prefer to walk? Which place is more preferable for you to walk? hussaen 0 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
Old cars... Are the cars in the picture on average 5 years or older, in your best judgment? willard997 0 05/21/2013 Public No Closed
A study of walkability in the New River Region On which street would you prefer to walk? srartuso 0 05/21/2013 Public No Closed
An urbanist Parisian walk Which way do you go? karine g 0 05/21/2013 Public No Closed
Tourism in Verona, Italy Which place looks attractive for tourism? linda.comerlati 0 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
Where would you place a community garden? Which place looks better for a community garden? danaj7373 0 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
jghfjhf Which place looks hajrasouliha 1 11/12/2015 Private Yes Closed
Mobile Which place looks safer? yili0910 1 11/08/2016 Private Yes Open
Traffic analysis in Milan, Italy Which place looks more livable, from a traffic perspective? leonardofoderaro 1 05/18/2013 Public No Closed
Safety Roads Test Which place looks safer? omarjpeters 1 03/18/2014 Private No Closed
Radfahren Tübingen Wo würdest du lieber radfahren? gotschi 1 05/08/2014 Private Yes Open
Choose a picture What picture do you like best? tina 2 05/14/2013 Public No Closed
Test 2 Which place looks more like a "World City"? duncan m 2 05/21/2013 Private No Closed
street u prefer Which place looks preferable aashish.brahmin 3 05/19/2013 Public No Closed
Finding Intersection That Safe For Pedestrian Which intersection safe for pedestrian to cross? saidah3 3 01/05/2014 Public No Closed
Neighborhoods Which place looks better leonrobinson 3 05/16/2013 Public No Closed
Implementing a mesh network - comparing two cities Which place looks more adequate for implementing a smart city mesh network pop 4 05/20/2013 Public No Open